Week Fifteen – Altars of Darkness


Though Ephraim built many altars for sin offerings, these have become altars for sinning. - Hosea 8:11


When a nation such as Haiti continually builds more altars dedicated to evil spirits, all one can expect is more darkness and its effects: hunger, poverty, death, and disasters of all kinds. On almost every street corner in our nation you will find at least one altar upon which evil spirits are being called; and when they come, they bring with them the only thing they have—darkness.

These evil spirits, to whom we have built altars of sin, have in return built altars of poverty, hunger, illiteracy, violence, and corruption. No one can ignore the strong presence of these monuments; they have become the face of our nation. They are the first to welcome foreigners at our international airport in Port-au-Prince. Flying over Haiti when arriving or leaving the country gives a stark view of our nation. Sometimes, people refuse to even look at that shameful picture. These enormous, invisible, yet so very real statutes of poverty and misery either welcome you or wish you bon voyage.

Question to discuss

List five of the most reputed altars built to evil spirits in:

  • Your community.
  • Your state.
  • The nation.
  • Prayer Request

    Pray for personal revelation from the Lord regarding altars built to evil spirits; pray also that the Lord destroy them throughout the Land.

    Pray the Lord to bring conviction in the hearts of people in our congregations who have built altars to evil spirits through practicing Franc Mason, Illuminati, and voodoo. Pray for their repentance, and if they resist the Holy Spirit, ask the Lord to reveal their true nature so the ekklesia can be the light and salt.