Week Sixteen – Prayer Altars of Light


…Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before. - Daniel 6:10


As we begin to build altars of prayer as points of contact of the supernatural and the natural, we will see the light of Jesus Christ shinning throughout our land. But in order to get to this beautiful reality, each and every one of Christ’s followers must build their own personal prayer altar. Many of our leaders don’t have a strong prayer life, and some of them don’t have any. Leaders must build their own personal prayer altar and spend more time with God.

Our first priority is to seek the Lord’s face by building personal prayer altars to the Lord. Some of us have a personal prayer altar, but it has been destroyed by the worries of life, sins, and the business of ministry. It is high time we arise, like the prophet Elijah, to restore our altar to the Lord because the prophets of evil spirits have been invoking their gods for more than two centuries; they have made many sacrifices to the loas, even human sacrifices.

Question to discuss

What is the actual state of your personal prayer altar? What will you do to rebuild or strengthen it? When was the last time you and your family prayed together?

Prayer Request

Pray to the Lord that individuals throughout every area of our nation will build strong altars of prayer to Jesus-Christ.