Week Twelve – The Promise of Revival


Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. - Hebrew 13:8


Someone may ask, “Why didn’t revival come during the last past three decades of the prayer, sacrifices, and hard work of so many? Why should we believe God is going to do it now?”

Let me begin by saying that for a nation like ours to be revived—deeply rooted in idolatry as it is, even among those who call themselves Christians; where corruption, lies, and criminality are almost a lifestyle—it will take time for the seeds of change to penetrate the hearts of the people. Only then will they clearly see what the church should be doing and change their lives to conform to the image of Jesus Christ.

While national revival waits to happen, God is using some of his servants to do this crucial work one day and one person at a time.

Question to discuss

Do you have hope that Jesus, who is forever the same, will bring revival to Haiti?

Prayer Request

Pray that the hindrances to revival in our lives would be removed so that the image of Christ shines in Haiti.