Assisting Churches & Organizations

in the Haitian Community & Beyond

For don’t you know that I[God] can take the least [Haiti] among these Islands and make it great once again? I can take them from humiliation to exaltation. For as they humble themselves under the mighty hand of God, so you will see them exalted in due time.
Jeff Rosbach

Alignment for Assignment Haiti Initiative

For years and decades, people and governments in the world particularly the American people have been helping Haiti greatly. As Haitians and Christians, we are so grateful for that help which addresses for the most part the physical aspect of the nation’s needs. After the deadly January 12, 2010 earthquake, we have seen even a greater out pouring of help to Haiti. NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations), evangelical missions, medical professionals, firefighters from many nations were in Haiti to help. Thousands of millions of dollars were raised to help clean and rebuild Haiti but the situation becomes even more alarming. Why?

Without God we labor in vain because it is
righteousness that exalts a nation.

While the physical need is great, the spiritual need is even greater. The Haitian dilemma is first and foremost spiritual. As much as we respect the leadership of some individuals like former Presidents Bill Clinton and Georges W. Bush and their effort to help Haiti, nothing concrete will happen for the positive if the spiritual is ignored. There must be a change of strategy on how we approach the HAITI DILEMMA that defies all science and common sense. And only God can and will do it so that no man can boast, and that God would be the only one to be praised and glorified!

LTSG believes any substantial change in Haiti must be spiritual and physical; because the former leads to lasting change.

Our responsibility

The bible is clear that the healing of a land lies at the feet of God’s people (2 Chronicles 7:14). And the verse says “people” not person. It is a collective effort using divine solutions carried out under a unified purpose, that the Lord responds to.

Our Need

We invite you to prayerfully partner with us in this cause whether through prayer and financial support. And today again God is still asking “whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” Would you take a Stand for God in Haiti? We are available to come to your small group or your congregation under your invitation to speak about this God-given vision.

The President of the LTSGMinistry, Evangelist Mesack Dieudonne has a marvelous testimony of God’s power to share with you that can encourage you and your congregation in your walk with the Lord.

Here is how you can partner with us financially:

Because this is going to be a collective effort, we are looking for partners that can make a commitment for six 6 to 18 months. You can choose one of these three (3) options:

  • $25 monthly for six (6) months
  • $15 monthly for twelve (12) months
  • One time annual gift as you feel led

For any gift of $50 or more, we will send you a copy Mesack’s latest book: “ICHABOD, The Glory Has Departed” as a way to say thank you. Whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated, as you give with a heart filled with love for the Lord and for the Haitian people. Your commitment will be for a period of time and you can either renew it or not as we’ll come back to give you report of what the Lord is doing. All donations are tax deductible and welcome.