Haiti Disaster Relief Fund

Haiti Disaster Relief Fund

In the Wake of Hurricane Matthew

As you all are already aware of the Hurricane Matthew which has just devastated portions of Haiti with a confirmed death toll of 300+ and rising. The country is still recuperating from the massive Earthquake which struck on January 12th of 2010.

How You Can Help

We at LTSG Ministries are looking at new ways to donate directly so we can assist with the needs of our home country. Whether it be financially or sending down supplies that are much needed. The Leaders in the community have put together a way of purchasing kits full of supplies that the Ministry will be in charge of distributing throughout the affected parts of the country. So far the region's that have been hit the hardest are Grand'Anse (Jeremie); SUD (Les Cayes); SUD'EST (Jacmel) and LES NIPPES (Miragoane).

Purchase Supply Kits

Below you will see in detail how you can purchase Kits and so forth along with the PayPal button where you can donate financially to the Relief Fund.

If you were to have any questions or concerns or even ideas don't hesitate to reach out to any one of our Leaders@LTSGMinistry@yahoo.com or LTSGTechTeam@gmail.com for more information and details.

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Get The Latest Updates

Here's a link out to CNN reporting the devastation from the Hurricane that you can click on to see any updates.

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