Assisting Churches & Organizations

in the Haitian Community & Beyond

One Voice for Haiti

Praying according to the Lord’s Purposes

We believe the Lord for a Transforming Revival, a sweeping move of God throughout the Land and nation of Haiti. One voice for Haiti is a global prayer movement to primarily mobilize the Haitian people in Haiti and around the world, as well as followers of Jesus-Christ, without regard to their nationalities, to pray as one voice for Haiti.

16 Weeks of Prayer

For sixteen (16) weeks beginning the first week of October 2014, we propose weekly “Scriptures” to be read, a “quote” or a small devotion; we also have one or two “questions to discuss” posted in the discussion forum each week. We encourage you to visit our Prayer Guide and follow the movement on Facebook, and Twitter where you can share your answers every week. Finally, we propose a “prayer request”; and we encourage you to lift up that request to the Lord both individually and collectively.

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Community Day of Prayer

The movement will be concluded throughout the world with a community prayer for Haiti which we have had in Florida for nearly a decade. You can join us in Haiti, Florida (Bradenton and Orlando), Boston, Dominican Republic, Nassau (Bahamas), France and Canada. Nearly all the “quotes” are from our latest book “A Pearl Will Rise from the Ashes” in which we present the Lord’s purpose for Haiti as it was revealed to us. Be among the first ones to read this divine revelation about Haiti.

Let us know if you would like to host an event to conclude this “One Voice for Haiti” movement in your community besides those listed above, and we will be more than happy to work with you in that regard. We encourage you to join the movement for three reasons: first, because you love Haiti; second because you want to pray and serve according the Lord’s purpose for Haiti; thirdly, because there’s hope for Haiti, Jesus being the hope of the nations. Above all, this is ultimately about the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus-Christ!

Together, let’s work with the Lord Jesus-Christ to see a Transforming revival in Haiti; because we’re convinced “A Pearl Will Rise from the Ashes” as we encourage you to continue praying for Haiti all year long.

Participating Locations

Join us in these locations and more for One Voice For Haiti:

Orlando, Florida U.S.A
Vendredi 02 Janvier 2015

Fort Myers, Florida U.S.A
Samedi 03 Janvier 2015

Tampa, Florida U.S.A
Dimanche 04 Janvier 2015

Nassau, Bahamas
Vendredi 09 Janvier 2015

Boston, Massachussetts U.S.A
Samedi 10 Janvier 2015

Orange, New Jersey U.S.A
Samedi 10 Janvier 2015

Bradenton, Florida U.S.A
Dimanche 11 Janvier 2015

La Romana, Dominican Republic
Dimanche 11 Janvier 2015

Gonaives, Haiti
Dimanche 11 Janvier 2015