Assisting Churches & Organizations

in the Haitian Community & Beyond

Youth Alliance

The purposes of LTSGMINISTRY Youth Alliance are to:

  • Empowering Youth to reach Youth
  • Encouraging Fellowship between Youth
  • Preparing the next generation of Christian leaders, especially young men
  • Linking Youth with Youth from different cities, states, countries and continents
  • Encouraging Youth to take A Stand for Jesus-Christ

Youth Alliance Challenge

The challenges our fellow youths face every day are the exact challenges we are trying to address. The barriers that bind and hinder us from our own progression spiritually. These challenges will not be the definition of our movements and aspirations but instead they will be the steering wheel we use to guide us thru this Jungle we call life.

The Power of the Word

In June of 2012, we have launched a vast campaign called “The Power of Prayer and the Word” starting with the Bradenton/Sarasota/Palmetto area encouraging Youth to develop a culture of Prayer, studying and applying the Word of God. We are moving forward with this campaign and we are inviting you to join with us in this great cause. Its consists of fellow youth who are determined enough to come out and study and share their thoughts on what each person was assigned whether it be Prayer, Image, Evangelism, Church, etc. These presentations will be presented by youth for the youth and to the fellow youth members. For more details contact President Dominque Seide for additional info.

Discipleship Class

We have also launched on Friday June 7th, 2012 a discipleship class in the Bradenton, Sarasota & Palmetto area in Florida for young men and women who want to go deeper into the Word of God. Not only will this class be a class of study but of also exploration and explanation of the word finding and knowing Gods attributes and such to help identify what our true purpose is in the Lords eyes. Classes are typically held on Friday nights starting @7pm ending @9pm. Sessions vary but the info you will take home with you will be invaluable. We highly encourage anyone who is interested to contact any member of LTSG Leadership for additional Information.

Youth Alliance Blog and Debate/ Hot Topic

We also have a Hot Topic going about within our community where fellow youth get together and discuss various issues. Issues that have an effect on the community as well as personal issues. It does come off as intimidating but we do have options to remain anonymous if one chooses to be. So that we can address the actual issue without judgement or condemnation form anyone within or from the outside. This is movement is for the youth so any ideas or feedback you may have will be addressed and never ignored. Very soon we are coming up with a sort of blog to appear on this webpage where youth can login anonymously. To discuss online vs appearing at the hot topic sessions if they choose to do so privately. This movement is more about accommodating the needs of our youth and meeting them at a comfortable spot to discuss and resolve any issues that they may have spiritually. The organization will be having LIVE Hot Topic Sessions Tri-Monthly but the live blog will be in affect 24-7. We also have a Facebook page where you can place thoughts or just become friends with this movement

If there are any concerns or questions reach out to any one of our Leaders within the LTSG Leadership and information will be provided.

Contact information as Follows…

Dominque Seide (941)8079582
Dennis Joseph (941)7305587